A family owned and operated Country Store and Organic Blueberry Field.


Our blueberry fields have been certified organic and kept at their best.  During the picking season we first pick for our pre-order customers and then we open our fields for a U-PICK to the public.  There are not many places that you can go pick certified organic blueberries and we are proud to offer you that option.  

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If coming to pick your own blueberries is not an option but you would still like to have the freshest organic blueberries around then consider pre-ordering them from us.  We will pick them at the peak of our fruiting season, package and mail them to you overnight.  Let us do the hard work and you enjoy!  Just click the link below to find out more about our blueberries!

U pick will generally start in early April. We will be open Tuesdays thru Sundays 10am to 5pm.   Feel free to come and pick your own organic blueberries!!