A family owned and operated Country Store and Organic Blueberry Field.

Our regular Pies include:

Tomato Leek pies

Blueberry and Apple pies

ABC pies (apple, blueberry, cranberry)

Chicken Pot Pies

​Seasonal Pies as well

We make specialty items for the weekends like:

BlueberryOrange bread, Orange Kismet bread, Blueberry Muffins and Banana bread.  We also do Gluten Free Muffins, cookies and pies.  


NOTE:  Pie Pre-Orders - require a 24 hour notice and are to be picked up during regular open hours.

Pie Reservations - call in the morning to see what we have made and put your name on one of those to be picked up that day.

We have a special following with our homemade pies and specialty baked goods made from family recipes in our commercial kitchen.  We make them daily and they are first come first serve unless you have pre-ordered them.  Think about calling ahead for your next family or office gathering... let us do the work and you get all the credit!

 "Pies that look like your grandma made them!"